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What Is A Choker? So Everything Worth Knowing About Chokers

What are chokers? What are they made of and what are their types?

Chokers are necklaces that are worn close to the neck, like a collar. Therefore, they are also called stews, although a choker in a well-chosen size does not choke at all 🙂 Chokers can be made of a chain, velvet, lace, satin ribbon, string, metal elements or a thong. They can also be additionally decorated with pendants, studs or stones, depending on whether they are to be more delicate and feminine, or more rocky and provocative. Both chokers that look like a collar, i.e. ribbons fastened around the neck, and long pieces of a string or string that can be wrapped several times around the neck are fashionable, and the ends of such a choker can be tied in many interesting ways, the most popular of which is, of course, a bow.

History of chokers

Some people remember chokers from the 90’s. Back then, there was a fashion for neck bands made of thin, characteristically intertwined lines in an openwork pattern, which perfectly adhered to the neck. Consequently, they looked like a tattoo and were also called “tattoo choker”. However, the history of chokers dates back much earlier. They have appeared many times in history as ornaments or necklaces with a special, symbolic meaning, so I will only mention a few of the most important moments from the history of this jewelry. That’s possible, that they were then worn by women who wanted to show that they remember their loved ones who died during the French Revolution. There was also a time when chokers were the jewelry of wealthy women of high society. So, as you can see, chokers have been given various meanings in the past. Today, however, they are jewelry without any symbolic message, so you can wear them without fear that it will be inappropriate in some situation 🙂

Top quality chokers

The Butterfly brand, in which you will find many types of beautiful chokers. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a traditional, black choker in the style of a collar, which can be additionally decorated with a beautiful pendant made of 925 silver or silver plated with 24-carat gold, as well as a tied choker made of a thinner string or a string that you can fancifully braid or tie around the neck, arm, or even the ankle. Butterfly choker is therefore more than just necklaces. They are universal jewelry that you can wear in many ways. Such chokers also look great in combination with delicate chains and rings, which you can also find in the Glam & Rock Collection. I presented such connections in one of my previous posts and you can see them right here. Butterfly chokers are also distinguished by high quality materials, workmanship and the comfort of wearing them. Specially made double-sided thongs are soft and pleasant to the touch and pleasant to wear. In addition, they do not deform despite multiple bonding in various ways. Therefore, if you are considering choosing a choker, one of them will be your best choice. In my look today you will see two tied chokers, and at the end of the post you can check out all Butterfly chokers.



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