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 What are the location benefits of Hollywood Block?


A housing development called Blue World City is close to the Near Chakri Junction on the main Chakri road, close to the twin cities. Because of its proximity and valuable information, it is receiving an overwhelmingly favourable response from the general population. The development’s creators are the famous BG of Companies & the Chinese Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation.

Hollywood Block in Blue World City is designed primarily to offer its inhabitants opulent living spaces. The additional features and amenities of Hollywood Block will be unparalleled in national real estate developments.

Where is BWC Hollywood Block located

Chakri Highway is the location of Blue World City. Moreover, the site is only a short distance from the New Islamabad International Airport if you travel by car. It’s also close to the cake’s slicing area.

The CPEC path is the M-2 Motorway. Thanks to the Airport and CPEC, the ideal position is significant regionally and globally.  Both wholesale and retailer marketplaces aim to benefit Chinese and Pakistani businesses. No one overlooks opportunities like this one. Mainly, the Hollywood Block is at the pinnacle of civilization.

Blue World City Hollywood Block Access Points

Blue World City has numerous key entry points from the twin cities and other cities. Here are a few:

Important routes to Blue World City

  • The Chakri Highway and Chakri Airport are nearby.
  • The distance from Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, and Rawalpindi are about 13 minutes by car.
  • Chakri is about a 13-minute far away from this block.
  • It is nearly a 31-minute far away from  New Islamabad Airport Rd.
  • Rawalpindi is just about a 32-minute far away from this block.
  • It takes 33 minutes from this block to  Islamabad.
  • From Khanial Homes, the drive takes about 33 minutes.
  • The travel to Blue World City from N-5 takes roughly 48 minutes.
  • Grand Trunk Road, National Highway, Rawalpindi
  • Driving time to Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad is about 57 minutes.
  • Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, is reachable by car in around one hour and three minutes.
  • A 57-minute trip will take you to Rawat, Islamabad.
  • Travelling to N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab, takes about one and a half hours.
  • 60 minutes or so to drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi
  • Syed Abul A’la Maududi Avenue, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi, Punjab, is reachable in around 21 minutes by car.
  • Drive time to Sihal, Rawalpindi is around five minutes.
  • Rawalpindi Race Club is a 13-minute drive.

Benefits of investing in Hollywood Block of BWC?

There are many good reasons to contribute to this enormous endeavour. Here are a few of the critical justifications:


The main obstacle to purchasing real estate is its exorbitant cost. Unfortunately, most current housing projects are too expensive for the less fortunate strata of society.

The Blue World City’s affordable payment plans allow large segments of society to own homes they could previously only imagine. In addition, the lengthening of the instalment period reaches 40 months. For more info about Blue world city payment plan contact us on this website.

Modern Resources

If the issues with money, geography, and land size resolve, you could subsequently be concerned about the amenities offered by the development you intend to invest in property.

Blue World City offers all the comforts necessary to make your pleasant dreams come true. Here are a few examples:

  • Open spaces and big parks
  • Shopping centres offer everything you need under one roof.
  • A medical facility with numerous sections that treat illnesses and promote wellness
  • continuous supply of electricity
  • constant water supply
  • Your children can receive the best academic support from a variety of schools.
  • The Blue Mosque is a recreation of historical Muslim architecture in Turkey that exudes a sense of tranquilly.

Calm Ambiance

As its name suggests, Blue World City is far from the dirty city life, beneath a vast ocean of blue sky. Its atmosphere embodies the tranquillity, and calm everyone seeks, but only a select few achieve it. We can guarantee you’ll find the required tranquilly here, combined with a peaceful neighbourhood. So, if you value peace and who doesn’t, by the way? , seize the chance to contribute to this enormous endeavour.

Business Possibilities

The project offers land prospects for business expansion and residential relevance. Therefore bearing that in mind, it is simple to grasp how enterprises of all types might prosper in such noteworthy geography. As the project is near to completion phase, it aims to offer numerous business opportunities will arise. You can make an investment in BWC for the various business areas, to name a few:

Shopping Centers:

The initiative will create new shopping centres. You can invest in them by purchasing a business or shop, leasing them to another party, or opening your business there. It is a successful investment in any case.

Quality Education: 

You will have a fantastic chance to start a brand-new institution or open a subsidiary of an established one as schools will open on this new planet.

Investing in Land:

The best investment you could make in this project would probably be to purchase plots and sell them for higher prices.

You can investigate these and numerous other new businesses. Investing early on when the project is further along can yield a high return on investment. Don’t pass up this “once in a lifetime” break!


With breathtaking landscapes and cutting-edge facilities, Blue World City’s Hollywood Block is unmatched in the city. About the amenities it offers, it also is inexpensive. Therefore, your investment in this block to get the most significant return possible quickly.



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