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Weight Loss Treatment

Being overweight or obese, may be defined as an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation, that can potentially present a risk to an individual’s health. 

According to the recent figures from Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH), approximately 36.2% of Singaporeans aged between 18 to 69 are overweight.  What’s more, nearly 13% of students were found to be overweight as well.  With this, there is no wonder so many ask, where can I find a weight loss clinic near me?  

Why is Weight Loss important?

Being overweight or obese can put you at great risk of developing other life-threatening conditions. It is a prime trigger of a group of conditions referred to as metabolic syndrome.

These conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure and increased levels of cholesterol. While having any of these chronic conditions, you are likely to develop other diseases such as ischaemic heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and stroke. For More Information Visit

According to a study by the Singapore Diseases Burden, obesity-related conditions shows the largest health impact in terms of costs and suffering. What’s more, it is the largest single contributing factor to the national disease burden of diabetes. On a social aspect, obesity not only impacts your body image, self-esteem, but can also result in psychological stress.  

It is important to seek help for weight loss treatment early before the development of other life-threatening conditions. If you are currently suffering from weight-related conditions, weight loss treatment will not only help to prevent the conditions from worsening, but also help you achieve a healthier body.

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How are Weight Loss treatments performed in Singapore?

Weight Loss treatments comprises of a variety of techniques that may be applied simultaneously, which may require some form of determination to be successful. You may not only require lifestyle changes, diet, eating habits, but also feel the need to take part in some moderate physical activities.

These treatments also help you to design an effective diet and workout plan to enhance weight loss and achieve a healthier BMI. 

What medications can I take to accelerate my Weight Loss?

These medications are only meant to boost your weight loss regimen. Below are some of the types of weight-loss medicines that can be used:

This denies access of carbohydrates fat into your bloodstream, hence reducing energy intake dramatically. Though it is safe, this medication can result in gastrointestinal symptoms including flatulence, bloating. increased bowel movements, diarrhea, and oily stools. 

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