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Viewpoint Neglects To Download OAB

Over the course of the past weeks I have seen two unique issues that kept Viewpoint clients from downloading the OAB (Disconnected Address Book). One impacted public-envelope based OAB conveyance and the other impacted online dispersion.

I need to give a clues on things that should be really taken a look at to follow the OAB age and distributing process from the server to the client. While checking this rundown, the director should rest assured that the OAB has been produced effectively and check assuming it has been distributed where the Viewpoint client is hoping to track down it.

Toward the finish of this post, I will give a suggestion with respect to the most effective way as I would like to think for carrying out another OAB to your entire client base, in the event that you face what is going on where a full OAB download for all Standpoint clients is fundamental.

However, how about we start with the OAB age and distributing process.

Figuring out the OAB Age and Distributing Interaction

In the event that you need to begin with a definite comprehension of the cycle, Dave Goldman has given a nitty gritty direction on the client-server connection while downloading an OAB in his post Understanding the reason why blunder code 0X8004010F is tossed while attempting to download an OAB.

While this data is extraordinary specialized foundation, in this post I need to reveal a few insight into the distributing of the OAB through Open Organizers and through Electronic conveyance, particularly on where to look first.

It is critical to take note of, that I am focusing on a space joined Standpoint client. On the off chance that your client isn’t individual from a space, kindly see this article: Investigating Mistake 0x8004010F When Viewpoint 2007 Clients Download OAB.

So how does this function? At the point when you make another OAB, you should basically indicate the accompanying ascribes:

  • Name of the OAB
  • Which letter box server is producing the OAB
  • Which address rundown ought to be remembered for the OAB
  • Empower public envelope conveyance (Y/N)
  • Empower online appropriation (Y/N)
  • To manage the cycle, you really want to really look at a couple of priorities straight, as follows.

Check assuming the post box server is producing the OAB

From the properties of the OAB you can check which server is the producing server: in the EMC (Trade The board Control center) this property is classified “Creating server”; in the EMS (Trade The executives Shell) you really want to search for the “server” quality.

Then, at that point, you want to check the application occasion log for sections of source “MSExchangeSA” and classification “OAL Generator”, so occasions like this one

To have the framework log these occasions it is a best practice to have occasion logging level expanded for this classification on an extremely durable premise, since you may be missing significant occasions in any case in the event that OAB creation comes up short.

The progression of occasions will likewise show which form of the OAB has been effectively made and which have fizzled. For the situation underneath OABv4 has been made effectively.

So toward the finish of the OAB age process there ought to be a triumph occasion like the one above for each OAB rendition you produced.

After OAB age has gotten done, the letter drop server distributes the OAB to the public envelope data set its confidential store is highlighting and/or is saving the OAB on the neighborhood circle, to empower the Client Access Servers (CAS) to pull it from that point for the electronic dispersion strategy.

1: Electronic circulation of the OAB

We progress forward with the post box server that made the OAB. Simply enter the server name into wayfarer and you will see the offer with the neighborhood documents: How To Fix [pii_email_ccaea0f241ffbc9f81c5] Error Solved.

It is essential to take note of that you can twofold check this GUID for Standpoint 2007 and more established clients since they are utilizing the online dispersion technique for the OAB. At the point when you check the “Test E – Mail Autoconfiguration” in Standpoint 2007/2010 and keep an eye on which URL the Viewpoint client is searching for the OAB, you will see which CAS server Standpoint will question and furthermore which OAB GUID it will be searching for on the CAS document share.

The actual CAS will utilize the “Microsoft Trade Document Appropriation” administration to pull the OAB from the letter box server and will save the OAB in the way referenced here:

On the off chance that you produce another OAB for investigating and it has been created on the letter drop server, however isn’t accessible on the CAS, you can utilize the CommandLet “Update-FileDistributionService – Personality <server name> – Type OAB”, to compel rearrangement of the OAB documents.

Thus, eventually, when Autodiscover can give the OAB URL to the client and the OAB record is available to the CAS, the Viewpoint client ought to have the option to pull the OAB through a HTTP-solicitation and afterward utilizing its own Pieces administration to duplicate it over to the client.

A decent strategy for testing in the event that the client can arrive at the OAB-URL is utilizing the URL you return from Autodiscover

what’s more, adding/OAB.XML while attempting access with a program which ought to raise something like this:

Presently how about we check the other OAB distributing technique.

2: Public Organizer dispersion of the OAB

Perhaps of the main occasion will let you know that the age interaction has distributed the OAB to the public store. This occasion will likewise let you know the OAB GUID and, significantly more significant, the OAB arrangement number (1 for this situation):

The letter box server will utilize the public store it is highlighting for distributing the OAB. From that point public organizer replication will kick in and deal with reproducing the OAB documents to all open stores determined as imitations.

So you want to consider an unexpected setback here until a specific organizers has been completely imitated to all open envelope copies. How To Fix [pii_email_89fd2f4da36f84ccbcf2] Error Solved.

An extremely valuable device as of now is MFCMAPI, which you can use to open the OAB envelope inside a specific public organizer and check if the OAB documents you need to see are available and looking great.

In my model, it would be this envelope:

By double tapping this envelope, you can see the OAB things it contains.

You can see the succession number (“1”) toward the finish of the subject and when it was gotten (in my model I took the screen capture sometime in the not too distant future). The record in the screen capture is the full OAB document. At the point when the OAB age processes run more than a few days, you will likewise see the delta/differential OAB records.

Regardless, the OAB documents in this organizer will have a nonstop request of grouping numbers. So you can check effectively on which day which grouping number OAB document has been made.

Another vital property is the “size” of this OAB document thing in that organizer. The OAB record is compacted and will be downloaded by the client in a packed configuration and the client will extricate the OAB document a while later. So the compacted record size ought to be significant and match your (packed) Lady size.

I’m focusing on this point, since this was the main driver of the primary case I was dealing with when public organizer based OAB conveyance fizzled. All things considered OAB download fizzled with Standpoint mistake 0x8004011B otherwise known as MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA. The main driver was that the outsider Antivirus arrangement at this client supplanted the data.oab record in transport (the Center Server sending the public envelope replication message) with a message document. Positively Viewpoint couldn’t download this text record. The refreshed “text” data.oab was then imitated out by the public organizer replication, since the document was fresher than the first made data.oab.

So make a point to likewise check the record size of the important items in that organizer.

Moderating the Effect of a Full OAB Download

It could happen that a full OAB download should be finished by clients. During ordinary tasks this won’t happen, since current clients will utilize the advanced OABv4 which just outcomes in very only sometimes download of little delta records.

In situations where your OAB is bad and should be supplanted with another OAB, all Viewpoint clients in your association will start a full download. This will occur in cases the clients find another OAB with a succession number not matching what they used to download before.

For additional data on OAB enhancements and full downloads see: Upgrades for Disconnected Address Books, which suggests utilizing the “OAB Transfer speed Limit (KBps)” vault key to control the transmission capacity a Trade server can use to convey an OAB. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this is vault key is just substantial for Public Envelope based circulation of the OAB.

In numerous conditions it tends to be trying to track down a fitting setting for this key, since typically the organization joins in a professional workplace vary broadly between the branch workplaces and the principal office. In the event that you need to choke Electronic circulation of the OAB you should contemplate OAB pre-organizing or check the work that went into Trade Server 2010 SP2 RU1, see the article It Requires a Long Investment… .

Thus, the strategies above at the very least require a ton of extra work, however there is a more direct choice to assist with taking care of this issue: [pii_email_841b43fada260254c8d3] outlook Error Fix.

As far as I can tell the more exquisite arrangement is to utilize the per data set msExchUseOAB characteristic. As such, when you want to make another OAB, you can choose a solitary letter drop data set and prepare the clients in that data set with the new OAB by setting the “OfflineAddressBook” characteristic:

You can utilize Execution Counters like “MSExchangeISOAB: Full Download Endeavors” to check when the “download wave” for the principal letter drop data set is finished and afterward bit by bit prepare different post boxes data sets with the new OAB individually. After each step you hold on until the download wave is over all together not to over-burden the organization.



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