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To wax your face or not to wax your face

Waxing is a common form of hair removal that is utilized to get rid of unwanted hair. It also helps in improving the appearance of skin, making it look brighter. It also helps in making the skin smoother as well. 

This hair removal technique is utilized for all bodily hair, and even facial hair. While most of the body has coarser and thicker hair, normally, facial hair are thinner, which is why they are also referred to as peach fuzz. 

However, some women might have thicker hair, especially if they are suffering from problems like PCOS. Men tend to generally have coarser and thicker facial hair. 

If you observe your facial hair grow exponentially, in terms of appearance and quantity, then you should consider seeking counsel from the dermatologist, as that is not normal. It could possibly be an indicator of something wrong with your body. 

Getting rid of unwanted hair 

There are multiple ways that you can get rid of peach fuzz. Laser, threading, epilation, tweezing, depilatories, prescription medication are some of the ways. However, waxing also has a substantial fan club, which then begs the question, to wax your facial hair or not to wax?

Pros of waxing your facial hair 


Waxing is relatively cheaper form of hair removal, especially when compared to cosmetic procedures like laser. 

Can be done at home 

While of course, having a professional do waxing is better, but waxing can be done by one’s own self as well. 


Since wax can be applied to a relative larger area of your face, it is hence quicker to get rid of the unwanted hair. Tips like tweezer are much slower.

Plucked from the roots 

Waxing, unlike techniques like shaving or depilatories, plucks the hair out from the roots. This allows you to go without facial hair for longer periods of time. 

Painful, but less so

While yes, waxing is painful, but lesser than processes like threading and tweezing. Essentially, since a larger surface area is involved, therefore, the pain registered is lesser than processes that involve smaller nerve stimulations.   

Cons of waxing your facial hair 


Waxing can also cause bleeding, although it is mostly minimal. Since the skin undergoes physical fatigue, it can therefore cause bleeding. 


Another side-effect of waxing is the formation of bumps. Essentially, these get formed because of the hair being tugged and pulled out of the follicles. The bumps can also feel hotter to touch. You can soothe your skin by icing it or use a soothing cream or balm on top of the affected area. 


While ingrowth can occur with the use of epilator and shaving as well, however, it is also a common complaint with waxing as well. Ingrown hair not only look off, but they can also cause discomfort as well. If you tug at the skin to pull at them, it can also then cause scarring too. 


Waxing is harsh on the skin. And while the rest of the body has thicker skin, and so can withstand the harshness of the irritation, facial skin is not. It is thinner, so it can be easily irritated. 


Waxing on the face can also cause rashes to develop. To be fair, they tend mostly to be temporary. However, if they don’t improve on their own after a day or so, then you must stop using the product and perhaps get help for the rashes as well. 


If you don’t properly cool down the wax before applying to your face, it can then lead to burns. This can be trickier to manage for people who are just starting off with the wax or are getting it done from a novice. 

If you do sustain burns, take first aid. Also, if things don’t improve or the burn is severe, visit the Best Skin Specialist in Lahore immediately. 



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