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The Dos and Don’ts of Moving a Piano  

There’s no denying it: moving a piano is a huge pain. Whether you’re just coming from the store or your new home, getting it in and out of your house can be quite a chore. Therefore, knowing the dos and don’ts before you go get that beast of an instrument will save you a lot of time, sweat, and tears.

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Moving a piano is a huge task and one probably left best to piano movers that are experts in piano transport. They will have the experience and tools to make a tough job easier. However, here are some dos and don’ts of moving a piano.

The Dos of Moving a Piano

1) Plan Your Route

The first thing to do is plan your route. What are you going to do? How long will it take? Will you have anyone helping with the move, and if so, can they help you through the process?

2) Carry Moving Blankets

The next thing to do is to purchase several moving blankets. These will help cushion your piano while you are carrying it. They will also make sure that any glass on the front of the piano is not broken during the move. Additionally, they are very malleable and can be used to wrap around parts of the piano that might be coming into contact with each other.

3) Rent a Moving Dolly

The third thing you should do is rent a moving dolly from your local rental store. The dolly should have wheels on one side and a platform on which you can balance or lay your piano. These kinds of dollies are much simpler to use than moving scissor lifts. Just place the piano down on the platform and start rolling.

4) Get Plenty of Help

It is also very important you ask for help with the moving process. You won’t be able to move your piano by yourself, so plan and ask for help. You will need at least two people for the move, though more would be better.

The Don’ts of Moving a Piano

1) Don’t Move a Piano on a Sunny Day

Most people try to pick the sunniest days of the week for moving a piano. However, moving a piano in the heat and sun is not only hard on your body, but it can also damage your piano. You are better off moving on cloudy or overcast days.

2) Don’t Move the Piano at Night

Moving a piano at night is not recommended for two reasons: You cannot see what you are doing, and it might be harder to see your hands.

3) Don’t Underestimate the Piano’s Weight

Don’t underestimate the weight of your piano. While you might think it is the same or slightly better than your washing machine, it’s not. If you don’t have someone helping you, take your time and plan out what movements you need to complete. 

4) Don’t Use the Piano’s Caster Wheels

You should not use the caster wheels on your piano. They can’t provide enough support on a long move, and you are likely to damage them. Instead, use them as a guide for placement and then move it with a dolly.

Moving a piano is hard work. The best way to avoid injury is to move it slowly and steadily. Also, never underestimate how heavy your piano is.



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