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Offering Cosmetic Dentistry in Your Dental Practice

No matter how long you have been running a dental practice, it is important to implement change and growth. Offering the same as your competitors or sticking to the same processes and procedures can leave you behind the competition. When it comes to looking at ways to improve and enhance your dental practice – have you thought about offering cosmetic dentistry?

Why Cosmetic Dentistry

The cosmetic industry is growing, and you will want to focus on this. From teeth straightening procedures all the way through to veneers and teeth whitening – you will find there are big gains to be made in the industry. When you offer cosmetic dentistry in addition to your current services, you increase your target market and potential profit margins too. You will now target all those who care about how their teeth look and feel, not just the patients who come to you when their teeth or gums are hurting.

What Procedures to Offer

Once you have decided you are going to diversify and branch off with the services you provide, you must then establish what you will offer and why. For instance, will you offer teeth whitening to patients? If so, then you will need to apply and follow a guide to whitening your teeth. Or, will you offer tooth repair for issues such as cracked teeth or chipped teeth? It is important to know what procedure you will offer that will be appealing to new (and old) customers alike. Conducting market research may help you establish what patients’ needs and wants are. Without conducting this research, you may well find you offer procedures without truly knowing how well they will be received.

Finding the Right Suppliers

Once you have your research in hand, it is then time to start sourcing new suppliers. You will often find that cosmetic dentistry suppliers and supple are different from usual dentistry supplies. This could be because they offer a different range of products. Or, it could be that they are specialists within the field. To find the right suppliers, you are going to have to conduct your research once again, and then communicate what your needs and requirements are. No two suppliers will be the same, and you need to find out which ones you will be able to successfully work with. Taking the time to reach out and communicate, and even build relationships will help you establish a positive working relationship.

Marketing and Promoting Your New Services

Once you have all of the supplies and market research you need, it is then time to start focusing on gaining new clients. Using social media to reach out to new markets and audiences is important. It is also important to make contact with existing clients too. They may be going elsewhere (at the moment) for their cosmetic treatments as you did not previously offer what they needed. So, to counteract this, make sure you openly communicate with them as soon as you can.



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