It’s been a while since the fashion universe stopped belonging only to women. Currently, boys who worry about keeping their looks up to date live in search of men’s fashion tips, either to update the closet or to get right the production of an important event.

They are men of all ages and different styles, who are always up to date with the latest trends and are also very demanding – not only sticking to the brand of an outfit, but also preferring to buy comfortable, stylish, excellent quality, and long-lasting products.

And it was precisely with these consumers in mind. To help you to always live well dressed and with your self-esteem in the sky, here are some valuable suggestions to make your looks even more interesting. Read on and stay tuned!

The evolution of fashion in the male world

When we talk about fashion, it is common for us to automatically relate this subject to women. For a long time, it was believed that only the female public was vain, cared about their looks, and loved parading around in stylish looks. However, a brief analysis of men’s relationship with clothing is enough to realize that this idea is simply an illusion.

In the past, it was women who dominated this segment of the market, it is true. While men had the obligation to work to “support the home,” it was up to the maidens to take care of the house and beauty. 

However, at the very beginning of the 20th century, the suit was integrated into the male closet. During this period, other elements also underwent some adaptations, such as the hat – which received different designs.

But it was in the 1950s that men’s fashion began to gain notoriety among the public. The reason? Simple: the decade was marked by the rise of great icons of Hollywood cinema, such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. 

These stars were responsible for taking to the streets productions composed of T-shirts, tailoring, leather jackets, and a lot of jeans. It was the first time that the cultural industry was able to reach men and make them wear the same outfits as their idols.

Along with this change, rock music began to gain strength on the radio. With it, new stars, such as the “king” Elvis Presley, appeared dressed in the same costumes as in the movies and helped intensify this style that, in general, had the objective of transmitting originality and rebellion.

The most interesting thing is that, from then on, each decade was marked by a type of trend. In the 1960s, for example, boys were influenced by the Beatles’ clothing, with many embroidered and colorful clothes, bell-bottom pants, and tie dye prints. The 1980s were not far behind. 

The decade was marked by the rise of rap in the music scene, and soon many men appeared wearing very baggy outfits and various accessories – long necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, and necklaces are some of them.

In the 1990s, it was grunge’s turn to speak up, and the period is remembered for wearing All Star sneakers, destroyed jeans, t-shirts with band prints, and plaid flannel shirts. In other words, for almost 100 years, guys have had a strong connection with fashion, even if indirectly and not as explicitly as women.

The importance of fashion for men

Much more than just serving to protect us from the cold, provide comfort in the summer, or make our look “presentable” at any appointment, fashion is a matter of identity. By wearing the clothes we like the most – and identify with – we have the chance to transmit a bit of our personality to the world.

If women have been doing this for a long time, it would be no different with men. Several public figures, such as music and movie stars, writers, and even politicians, use and abuse the correct use of clothing to create a strong, striking, and powerful image in the eyes of the public.

In addition to expressing our identity, it is through our looks that we are able to fit into various groups. Stop and think for a few seconds: it is likely that both you and your friends dress in a similar way. 

Is that correct? This happens because the use of clothes also allows people to identify and get closer to individuals with common tastes, thus forming the so-called tribes.

To notice this phenomenon, we don’t need to go very far. Just walk around large cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or Belo Horizonte, and you will be able to observe executives, hipsters, rockers, and people with alternative looks always walking together.

And don’t think it ends there, do you? Besides all these possibilities, fashion also allows the individual to show his or her purchasing power by wearing designer clothes or accessories. It is very interesting!

Men’s fashion tips: know how to identify your style!

Everyone has their own style of dressing – and you may have already noticed this. There is no point in following the main fashion trends if, in the end, they don’t match your personality or even manage to transmit a little bit of your essence to the world.

When this happens, there’s no way around it: we become insecure and extremely uncomfortable with our looks – something that can even hinder our personal and professional achievements. To avoid making this mistake, the ideal is to get to know yourself. That’s it! Getting to know yourself, knowing what you like and what makes you more comfortable is the path to success.

Thinking of giving you a “hand” in this task, below are the main male patterns in fashion, defined from many behavior studies. Find out which one you fit into:

Classic style

When it comes to men’s fashion, guys who identify with the classic style tend to be more conservative. They are not attached to trends in the industry, and are rarely seen wearing too bold or flashy pieces.

In fact, these men have a more reserved personality, being very serious and organized. Their clothes are of the highest quality – and they almost never buy on impulse.

Tailoring, straight cutouts, and marked shoulders are strong characteristics of this pattern. What matters most to them? Clothes in dark shades, a white dress shirt, tailored pants, great jeans, and black men’s shoes or sapato masculino.

Sporty style

The men who follow the sportive style of dressing are those who do not give up comfort and practicality. In general, these people are more comfortable in casual events and among friends.

These guys are always wearing clothes produced from natural fabrics, such as cotton, leaving aside the models with lots of patterns and glitter. Among the pieces that are never missing in their closet are jeans, various T-shirts, and sneakers with a low sole.

Dramatic and modern style

This is a type of production for those who love to unite elegance and tradition. The dramatic and modern style is one that is always on top of the latest fashion trends and carries an urban look.

But this does not mean that these guys only wear trendy and cool clothes. On the contrary: they don’t give up formal clothes, which are excellent for adding a touch of drama to their compositions. Geometric prints, blazers with straight lines, dark colors, sneakers, and exaggerated accessories belong to this category.

Sexy style

Men who follow the sexy style usually have a large body type and are very muscular. They are also very vain, like to take care of their hair, their body, and, of course, their clothes.

That is why, when it comes to choosing clothes, they always prefer the versions that are tighter to the body and are able to enhance their arms and torso, such as T-shirts and tricots with a deep collar.

Different from the classic boys, they like to dare and do not mind acquiring clothes with glitter and various textures, with leather jackets, boots, and metallic accessories being the most used elements.

Romantic Style

If you thought that the romantic style was exclusive to the female world, you are very wrong! In men’s fashion, this pattern can easily be found, being characterized by more delicate productions, with many soft shades and unstructured cutouts.

Guys who like to dress this way are kind, nice, and know – very well – how to use their closet to their advantage.

They appreciate floral prints, pastel tones of tailoring, short shorts and Bermuda shorts, and classic, timeless accessories. Bow ties, scarves, and round glasses are some of them.

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