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Making AA Meetings a Success! The Many Small Yet Important Things to Keep in Mind

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can play a vital role in ensuring success when it comes to abstaining from addiction. They are meetings among people who are struggling with addiction issues. These meetings provide addicts a platform where they can share their issues with fellow addicts. It is quite like finding solutions to common problems through discussion. 

Are These Meetings Successful?

Well, yes! Provided the sessions are being conducted as they should, AAs are known to provide significant results. However, the success would largely depend on the attendees and the organizers, both! Ideally, a moderator-driven meeting or congregation is best. 

A moderator is someone who has successfully weaned himself off alcohol with the help of these local AA meetings and is absolutely in sync with the 12 traditions of AA. He works as a motivator and coordinator for all the participants. 

Tips for Making these Meetings a Raging Success!

  • Keeping anonymity intact: Keeping anonymity intact is important. Unless the identity is protected, members will not find it easy to confide in the group with their problems. Their names should not be shared here. They should be allowed to speak in the third person and refer to their problems in whichever manner they please. They can use either numbers or alphabets for addressing their fellow team members. 
  • Creating an Air of Confidence and Empathy: The moderator has to create an air of empathy and confidence in the group. Every member should be given a patient hearing. There must be an overall inclination to address the problems of each member. Interactive sessions should be encouraged so that there is a sense of belonging involved in these interactions. 
  • Regular Attendance is a Must: Regular attendance is a must when it comes to ensuring success with AAs. Attendees should maintain discipline and attend every session at least for a stipulated period. Choosing  AA meetings near me is important so that accessibility becomes easy. Attend ones that happen closer to your place of work or home so that you never miss a meeting. 
  • Keeping the Mood Secular: Although AA congregations did have religious connotations in the past, today, they have become largely a-religious and secular. This secular flavor should be maintained in the meeting at all times so that people can find themselves more at home. Sticking to religious beliefs can make some members feel alien and that is essentially something that can ruin the flavor of the meeting entirely. 
  • Providing an Online Option: During times when participants may not be able to attend meetings, they should be provided with an online meet-up option. Covid outbreaks have become common these days and having virtual meetings always helps. 
  • The Moderator should also become a mentor: Moderators can also become mentors. Members should be able to contact him outside meeting hours and seek help if needed. 

An AA meeting in Missouri can be a game-changer in many ways. Consider seeking help when you should and keep your abstinence schedule on track! Make sure you select a convenient location for regular attendance. If you are staying at a halfway house, AAs will feature as part of your recovery program! 



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