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How to Ship Your E-commerce Order Safely: Design, Packaging, and Shipping Tips

If you are just starting an e-commerce business, the one thing you need is to ship your customers’ orders. It is what customers notice above all else. And it’s not easy for a new business. You will need to think about how to package your items safely and securely and how much it will cost to get them from point

Packaging is a fascinating field. It’s not just about order custom packaging to protect products, but also packaging in order to minimize the negative impacts of shipping on the environment and human health. When we think about packing for shipping, it includes designing packaging that will best suit the product and its destination- whether it be to save space or reduce weight. A package is not only a container for something else, it’s also an object in its own right. When packaging during shipping, the packaging itself can become part of the experience and message to your customer. Packaging should be sustainable while still providing protection for what is inside that packaging.  

 Understand the importance of shipping

 Many have seen a lot of founders lose a lot of money because they didn’t ship. When you don’t ship your product it’s because you’re spending all your time trying to make it perfect. But the truth is, there is no perfect product, there is no perfect launch. You always have to ship something. The strategy you’re using now will dictate the amount of money you’ll spend on getting your products to customers quickly. The first test is to make it easy and make sure your product is safe and secure.

3 Simple Guidelines for Shipping Product Thoroughly

Do not forget to change the tracking numbers on the fulfillment services and in applications. Search within your account for a tracking number or tracking code.

Some shipping companies offer different services where you can get mini pieces of cardboard to use in your packages. When the product has shipped, you can take these pieces of cardboard and start stretching them out. This will make them into prints that are an inch or quarter of an inch thick!

You can buy thin pieces of cardboard at the store to make your shipping cheaper. If it doesn’t fit, you can tape more pieces together.

After you get the mini cardboard pieces, use them as your proxy for shipping. It’s easy to find these online and people like buying from them. You can buy them quickly and they offer a lot of different sizes. If you do not know where to find them, search in your area and you will find what you need.

Choose the type of packaging based on the product

 Packaging is arguably the most important part of your product because it’s the one thing that you can’t take off. Packaging is the first thing that people see when they look at your product, and it’s the first thing that conveys your brand. It’s important to choose the right type of packaging for your product. You can see that specific information under each product because it’s labeled, and if you want to give inspiration, simply go to an online exporter and find some cool e-commerce products that look like good product packaging.

The other thing to consider is price. Packaging costs money, which is money that will then be spent on the delivery of your product to your customer. If you’re charging more for your shipping, you’re also increasing your profit. You can see a breakdown of the costs on the website. And of course, your product should contain all the required information that should be on your shipping label. There is no such thing as the perfect shipping label, but the most important information is the name of the company that will be delivering it and the contact information for that person.

Using Guide to make the most out of it

Another resource that might be helpful for you is the shipping guide. If you need to order more than one product and track your order, go to the shipping section of the website. If you want to order products, check the order guide. The guide teaches you about shipping methods and the prices. If you have any more questions, contact the person who is in charge of that.

Knowing how to set up your order process is useful. You will know what to do the first time and you will also know what to do in the future with your customers. This increases the chance of converting them and will make it easier for you.

Make sure to use a box strong enough to hold your item(s)

If you are sending something heavy or fragile, make sure to use a strong box. If you don’t, the item could get damaged and break. Boxes come in different designs and sizes but the most common ones are flat-edge boxes that open flat and tri-fold boxes. All shipping boxes come with a built-in pad.

Sending small, light products or back-ordered items is usually pretty straightforward. Just make sure that the item you’re sending is of the same value or at least equivalent in value to the items you’re sending. You can always add products that are more expensive or of higher quality to your order if it’s an exception.

Packaging Volume for Space

For packages that are bigger, you need to think about what is the fastest and cheapest way to send them. For example, if you are sending it from your house, the fastest way might be by car or motorcycle or bicycle. The cheapest might be with a boat or airplane.

Ground shipping is ideal because that means the package is sent directly from the manufacturer to your door without undergoing any additional packing or shipping processes. That means your items arrive quickly and arrive at your door without any delays. However, if you buy something expensive or need it by a specific date, it may be worth going with airmail. Assuming the use of ground shipping is still necessary for your shipping needs, go with ground delivery if it’s the fastest and cheapest method available. 


When you ship your e-commerce order, it’s important to make sure that the packaging is sturdy and secure. If you don’t pack items properly or if they break while shipping, then customers will be upset with both your product and service. Proceed carefully when choosing custom packaging for a certain item by doing research beforehand on what type of products are most likely to get damaged during transit.

Packaging volume should also account for space constraints such as weight limitations or how many boxes fit in an area of storage like a truck bed so that companies can stay within their allocated budgets and avoid penalties from freight carriers. This means paying close attention to not only what size box best suits the particular needs but also where it might go so there isn’t too much.



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