Disassemble Furniture

Moving house is already a daunting and tiresome experience, and in Australia alone, around 30 hundred people moved to the capital territory last year. Having to dissemble the furniture when moving is another obstacle plenty of house owners have to face. Luckily, disassembling the furniture doesn’t have to represent such a burden to people because if you were to follow the instructions and handle things with care, the chance of ruining your precious bed or favorite bookcase is scarce or even minimal. However, if you are worried about the move already and don’t want to waste your time spending hours and hours on disassembling the furniture, here are some tips that can help you get things done in no time. Read on. 

Get (or find) the right tools 

When moving, the chances are that you have already packed the most important items in the box and prepared them for the move. Don’t pack your tools just yet though. If you need to take apart some of your furniture before the move, make sure you prepare some of the crucial tools that would help you disassemble the furniture. Firstly, you would need a screwdriver, a hammer, a wrench, tape, plenty of bubble wrap or some other warping material, resealable bags, and boxes. Hopefully, you have kept all the furniture manuals that would assist you in disassembling certain things since breaking down the furniture is no plain sailing. 

Follow the instruction manual and call a helping hand 

Moving from northern Australian territory to Sydney implies carrying plenty of bulky furniture, and if you were to lose your instruction manual you would have one more problem to add to the list. Those fortunate enough who have kept their instruction manual will make moving end with ease and less stress because all it takes to disassemble furniture is to meticulously follow all the procedures according to the instruction manual. However, if there are just far too many things involved, if you don’t have the manual, or if you have too much important office-related furniture to relocate, in that case, you had better call expert office removals from Sydney. Expert movers are highly skilled and they would read the manual, use their experience to disassemble your furniture with care, and help you pack and move. 

Measure your furniture, space, and moving vehicles 

Another vital thing that you should do is measure all the furnishings and furniture items to know whether they could fit in the moving truck. Before disassembling large furniture pieces, check f those items can fit through entry and exit points, also see if they can fit your new space. Make sure you assemble the furniture in the room you wish them to be. For instance, if you were to place your disassemble items in the wrong room, you might need to disassemble them again and assemble them in another room. 

Empty the furniture and handle things with care 

Leave nothing behind and in the furniture pieces when you are about to disassemble them for the move. Remove any loose items from drawers and pack them separately and label them accordingly. Take off cushions from the sofa, remove the mattress before you dissemble the bed frame, take out delicate and fragile china from the cabinet, etc. Once you have removed and separated small and fragile things from the bulky furniture, handle them carefully, cushion the piano for instance, wrap small items, and pack them adequately to avoid breakage. Also, bear in mind that you should label things and place bolts, small pieces, and screws in plastic zip bags after disassembling furniture to know where things are when you are about to assemble them again. 

Prepare things for packing 

After you have dissembled all your furniture for the move or called the professionals to do the heavy-duty disassembling for you, packed the spare parts and extra screws and bolts, the time has come to back things. Prepare large and small cardboard boxes, place everything neatly, make sure you don’t leave out an important part of a furniture piece such as a desk or bed legs, and label everything for easy assembly. Get plenty of blankets, packing paper, or bubble wrap to neatly wrap the stuff for the move

If you notice that disassembling your furniture for the move is too demanding and complicated, you had better call professionals rather than struggle and waste time. Moving can be easy and stress-free if you have experts by your side.

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