What is the basis of a juicer? if you know them That’s how you get the best model for you. The juicer first appeared on the scene in 1930 when Dr. Norman Walker invented the first. He had to drink his own juice because he lived 108 years.

Juicing can help you easily get your daily recommended fruits and vegetables. Many people can’t. And the discomfort that comes with it is reflected in a lack of strength and energy. As with other diseases Juicing is suitable for cancer patients who have completed treatment.

It can help them get the vitamins and minerals they need from chemotherapy. and can boost the body’s immune system. It can also flush out unwanted toxins after chemotherapy.

Although juicing is helpful But it can be dangerous if done wrong. If you drink too much juice from fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of sugar. It can negatively affect blood sugar levels for those who need to be in control. Natural fruit sugars quickly enter the bloodstream. This can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

As long as you use the right amount of juice for health benefits and don’t overdo it. You will reap the benefits of that for the rest of your life. It can be a healthy habit in your lifestyle.

So what is a juicer?

A juicer is a device that works manually or electrically. Extract juice from vegetables, fruits and green leafy vegetables. There are varieties designed for certain fruits and vegetables.

Some juicers are similar to best frozen fruit smoothie blender, but juicers have a mechanism to separate the pulp from the juice. The blender only grinds fruit or vegetables. And you have to squeeze the pulp out of the juice by hand.

The extraction mechanism of the juicer may vary. Some of the most common types are centrifuges. Centrifugal nozzle, grinder, manual press, single press, double cage and double press.

The centrifugal type is one of the oldest. They have a simple design. Use a chopper and a colander. This design uses centrifugal force to pull water out of the meat.

Centrifugal models are similar to juicers. However, in the centrifugal type The basket has slanted sides. make it easy to clean One of the downsides is the noise. very user-friendly but easy to maintain

The crusher has a low-speed motor that extracts fruits and vegetables. The press juicer is the one that best preserves the nutrients in the water. because no oxidation takes place during the extraction process. Rather, pressure is required to extract the juice.

How to buy the best model?

Perhaps the first thing people look at is cost. While higher prices mean higher quality, that’s not always true. But there is a relationship. There are other important factors to consider.

First of all, the car must be convenient. It should be clean and easy to use.

Second, look for a trusted brand. So you don’t have to change parts often.

Third, slow juicers are best because they minimize oxidation. You should be able to get a large amount of juice from fruits and vegetables.

Some models produce more meat than juice. A model that separates the pulp from an external container leaves less pulp than a machine. The model you choose should be dishwasher safe and compact.

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