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Heating Repair Companies in Dracut Explaining Everything About Allergies

According to experts, the allergies become more severe during two seasons. These seasons are spring and summer. The reason is because of the highest concentration of allergens. The intensity level gets higher in the morning and at night. Additionally, the allergen level can be increased on certain days and normal for the rest of the month. Homeowners should understand that allergies can spread throughout the property through an HVAC system. But the HVAC companies providing heating repair services in Dracut will explain allergies in detail.

Heating Repair in Dracut Improving Indoor Air Quality

Homeowners should know that allergens can come from outside and be present inside. Pollen from trees and plants is the outside source. Dust mites, molds, animal dander, latex, insect sting, and certain food are the internal source of allergies. The presence of these allergens will worsen indoor air quality.

Consequences of the Presence of Allergens

The pollen allergy is also known as hay fever. It is the most common type of allergy. If this spreads around the property, the sensitive people will develop the following symptoms.

1.       Congested and blocked nasal cavity.

2.       Itchy, watery, and swollen eyes.

3.       Runny and itchy nose.

4.       Coughing

Dracut Heating Repair Companies Suggesting Tips

If you are experiencing an increase in allergy symptoms and the gaps between their occurrence are reducing, then the HAVC system is failing to control the allergen spread. If this situation occurs, you should consider hiring maintenance services and HVAC repair in Dracut and following the tips suggested by HVAC companies.

Comprehensive Cleaning of Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of the air conditioning and heating system. Their main purpose is to filter the outside air and stop allergens from reaching every property corner. A great way to prevent tiny allergen particles from entering the house is to clean the filters thoroughly. Another point to understand is that sometimes air filter replacement becomes necessary.

Don’t Neglect Hiring Maintenance Service

The furnace maintenance service in Dracut includes a proper inspection, thorough cleaning and lubricating of the HAVC parts, and replacing the damaged equipment. The maintenance service should be hired at least after every two months. The outdoor HVAC unit should be given special attention.

A Comprehensive Cleaning of Ventilation System

The ventilation system and ducts are the main sources of air distribution throughout the property. Sometimes, homeowners don’t have the resources to hire HAVC services. So, it has been advised by HVAC contractors like Home Service Doctor to clean the ventilation system and ducts comprehensively.

Vacuum the Window Treatments and Carpets

The window treatments, carpets, and rugs accumulate dust and allergens. Vacuuming the window treatments like shutters, curtains, window blinds, and carpets will be effective. Washing them at least once per week is recommended when dusting is insufficient.

Maintaining a Balanced Humidity Level

The HVAC companies suggest the moisture level should be less than fifty percent which is the ideal rate. The best solution is to install various devices in your home that monitor humidity and moisture levels. Homeowners should remove the molds and mildew to ensure humidity is controlled.

Keeping the Doors and Windows Closed

Homeowners should ensure that the windows and doors remain closed when the weather forecast indicates an increase in allergens. But this doesn’t mean that you can keep them closed always. You can open the doors and windows when the weather has fewer allergens.

Don’t Let Pets inside the Property

Having pets on the property indirectly contribute to an increase in allergic reactions. Allergies can be caused by pet dander and fur that can get trapped in the carpet and window treatments. Keep the pets outside most of the time until the person having an allergic reaction has gone.

Stay Safe During Boston Services HVAC

Another important tip HVAC contractors give to their clients is not to stay in the room during heater repair in Dracut. Even if you don’t have allergies, protect your nose and mouth during cleaning by wearing a mask.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit Area

Paying attention to the outdoor unit area is important because obstruction of the system will cause malfunction. Also, germs and allergens will easily enter the house through the dirty unit. So, maintenance and heating repair in Dracut should be hired for proper cleaning.

These are some of the important points HVAC companies explain for reducing allergies.

Here are three questions explaining the relationship between an HVAC system and allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of dust allergy?

According to HVAC contractors handling heating repair in Dracut, people with dust allergy experience the following symptoms.

1.       Sneezing

2.       Itchy eyes and nose.

3.       Redness of the skin.

Why does the AC make my allergies worse?

The main reason for your allergy worsening is that your HVAC unit is dirty and contaminated. The worst allergic reaction can include sinus congestion, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and asthma.

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Can a new HVAC system cause allergies?

A new HVAC is less likely to develop allergies because the units are new and stay clean for longer.

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