An action camera flashlight is a small portable light source that attaches to your action camera to provide additional illumination during low-light or nighttime conditions. These lights can enhance your footage and help you capture memorable moments in any environment. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for an action camera flashlight:


The brightness of an action camera flashlight can affect the quality of your footage. Choosing a flashlight with high luminous flux will help you get adequate lighting for your shoot, whether you’re filming at night or in dimly lit environments. It also makes it easier to avoid shadows and depth issues.

Battery Life

The performance and runtime of an action camera flashlight are directly related to its battery life. Choose a model with long battery life to ensure that you’ll have enough power for your needs. Rechargeable batteries are also a good option, as they’re more convenient and eco-friendly than traditional batteries.


If you plan on using your action camera flashlight in tough conditions, look for models that are resistant to moisture and can withstand wear and tear. This will ensure that it stays in top shape.

Size and Weight

When choosing an action camera flashlight, make sure it is compact and lightweight. This will help it fit easily into your backpack and not add too much extra weight to your camera setup.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of your flashlight will also influence the quality of your images or footage. Ideally, you want your action camera flashlight to be slightly cooler than daylight, to keep colors true and natural.

Brand Reputation

The best action camera flashlights are made by brands with a strong reputation for quality. This will ensure that you’ll be getting the most value for your money.

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It is important to choose an action camera flashlight that’s compatible with your specific camera model. This will save you the trouble of buying a new one in the future. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to install and mount your flashlight on your camera. This will ensure that your device works properly and doesn’t interfere with your camera’s functionality. Moreover, make sure to consider the size of the light beam. Choosing a flashlight that has a large beam area will allow you to better illuminate your subjects and prevent lens flare.

For example, a diffuser can soften the light output and prevent lens flare. This can also allow you to set your ISO to a lower level, which will improve the quality of your photos and footage.

The best action camera flashlights will come with features that will make your shooting experience easier and more enjoyable. For example, some flashlights have a range of lighting modes, including high-low and SOS, and others have strobe modes that can be used for streak shots. You can also find models that include other useful features, such as a remote control or a headband that will allow you to keep your hands free while you’re shooting.

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