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Evident Signs You Might Need a New Roofing 

None of us inspects our roofs on a daily basis. We have so much going on around, in our lives, that checking and maintaining our roofs is not on top of the priority list. 

However, not doing so at all, can lead to potential problems, igniting the need for new roofing ultimately. It is not important to look at your roof every other day and inspect it for hours to certify that it is fine. Even if you do it twice per year; you can definitely look after it, in the right way. 

Roof issues do not occur suddenly. They grow over time. Thus, if you find any minor damages during the inspection, you can get the required professional attention to avoid further issues. 

To help you, we have culled up some evident, early signs that will help you identify the need for a roof repair or replacement. Let’s explore them together. 

  1. Mold Growth:

If mold is beginning to grow outside your roof, then it is a clear sign that your roof requires professional help. Moss and mold can force the tiles to pull themselves apart. This creates a gap that lets water seep in. Thus, whenever you are inspecting your roof, always look for moss and mold growth. It should be dealt with as soon as possible. 

  1. Light Seeping in Through the Roof:

Once in a while, turn off the lights of your home and check the roof; is there light seeping in? The best time to do so is during the sunset. If light seeps in, through your room, it is an evident sign that your roof has holes or cracks. This should be attended to as soon as possible because these cracks will damage the entire roof gradually and will also allow rainwater to seep in. 

  1. Sagging:

If your roof is not perfectly straight, you require a roof replacement, right away. A sagging roof is a structural damage issue and can lead to potentially huge problems in the future. If not detected or attended to on time, a sagging roof can ultimately collapse, causing property and potentially life damage too. 

  1. Debris in Gutters:

It is important to check your gutters from time to time. If there are asphalt shingles and sand granules in the gutter, then this is an evident sign that shingles are falling off your roof. Shingles protect your roof tiles and are extremely important. A few granules are not much to worry about. But if they start increasing, then you need to call in an expert and get it checked. 


Your roof is protecting you and your family. It is one of the most important parts of a property and requires proper maintenance to keep up, for the years to come. To make sure that your roof remains intact, you must inspect it every 3 or 6 months. If you find any of the above-mentioned damages or issues; address them right away. 



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