Come forward to support IDF soldiers

 The Israeli military defends its citizens and its territory.  One in four soldiers serving in Israel is a lone soldier. They are young men and women without families in the country. Despite the lack of support from their loving families, they courageously step up to protect the country. The financial situation of many Israeli soldiers causes them difficulty after they complete their military service, as they cannot afford the training or education needed to secure a good job. We can support IDF soldiers through donating to the Israel charities. These soldiers would receive hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, or food shipments. 

How you can support IDF soldiers?

Meir Panim fights day and night to protect Israeli citizens from hunger and poverty. The safety of our soldiers is a guarantee of our safe future. Your donation can show your support and care for these lone soldiers. Support and empathy for these lone soldiers can be shown by donating to Meir Panim. Using your help, we could provide them with Shabbat meals or food boxes. They care about every person who needs our help, no matter if they are combat soldiers, new recruits, or disabled veterans with families who struggle to survive. Our first response when we witness a soldier in need is to extend a helping hand.

Meir Panim connects you with IDF soldiers

Our mission is to provide hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, or food packages to these soldiers. Meir Panim empowers people to fight food insecurity, hunger, and emotional distress by promoting commitment, support, and care. With our platform, IDF soldiers can connect with those who care and want to help. Whenever someone needs our help, regardless of whether they are combat soldiers, new recruits, or disabled veterans of the wars who are struggling to provide for their families, we come forward to help them. Let’s work together to help the IDF soldiers

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