Umrah is one of the utmost blessed journeys for a Muslim. Every Muslim dream to perform Umrah or Hajj at least once in their entire life. In order to perform Umrah, there are no age restrictions according to Islam. If a person is financially capable and has good physical health, he can perform it.

However, In the past years, there were certain Umrah age restrictions which were due to the various natural disasters, pandemics, calamities, or epidemics so if we talk about the Covid-19 Saudi government had put a certain child age limit for umrah in 2021. 

Age limits to perform Umrah

According to authorities, the pilgrims, within the kingdom, must be between the age of 18 And 70. The age restrictions for the Umrah pilgrims outside the kingdom must be between the age of 18 And 65. 

And so, children under the age of 18 were restricted from performing Umrah.

However, on July 30th, 2022, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah decided to permit the children to perform Hajj and accompany their parents.

This means that kids are allowed for Umrah in 2022. The aim of this decision is to enrich the cultural and religious experiences of pilgrims.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced this upright news which confirmed that parents will now be able to perform Umrah with their 1-year-old in 2022. 

Health requirements

There are certain health requirements for the parent to fulfill before bringing their kids to perform Umrah. These requirements are

  • The children who will come to perform this holy ritual must not be infected with COVID-19 and they should be in a good health as well.
  • The health status of these children on the two apps must confirm as “immune,” and after that their data has to be updated through the “Absher” system.

The verdict comes as the Kingdom continues to vaccinate kids from the ages of five and 11.

 Saudi authorities had proclaimed the directions for Muslims who are willing to enter the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site, to undertake umrah rites.

The mandatory apps to use

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has required umrah pilgrims to be in the best of health as described in the smartphone app “Tawakkalna” and to wear face masks during their presence in the mosque. It is done to prevent any spreading of disease.

 It has also been noted that getting permitted through the Eatmarna application is mandatory for children above the age of 5 years, however, children under the age of five can enter without a permit.

According to the Assistant Deputy Minister of hajj for pilgrimage and Umrah services, Tawakkalana and Eatmarana applications are mandatory for all pilgrims who wish to perform Umrah.

According to Minister, the two applications are required to facilitate organizational processes and to record and monitor the extent of absorption along with improving the digital experience of pilgrims.

Rules for performing Umrah

The Ministry has also outlined the rules for performing Umrah amid COVID-19 in February 2022.

All pilgrims who will be willing to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia will need to present a negative antigen or PCR test result received within 48 hours of their time of departure. This is a must requirement regardless of their “immune” status.

Umrah and Hajj have been seriously disrupted since the pandemic’s onset, with the Kingdom limiting Hajj pilgrims to just 60,000 residents and nationals last year.

Therefore, the government of Saudi Arabia also announced that the people who entered the Kingdom holding a tourist visa will be able to perform Umrah too. It was also mentioned that they will be granted permission to enter Al-Rawdah Sharifa at al Nabawi in Medina.

These implementations of Umrah 1444H are now possible for all Muslims. And so visited and children will be able to accompany their beloved families in performing Umrah at the Masjid Al-Haram in Makah. You can now book your pilgrimage, check Umrah package price in Pakistan online and plan your pilgrimage in advance.

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