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An Insider Review Of David’s Disney Vacation Club Rentals, the Process!

Many people have asked me how DVC rental works, so I wanted to republish this informative article by Susanne, one of the authors who use these services. Hope it helps!

Many questions were asked about purchasing Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points from third parties. I recently ran this process at David’s Vacation Club Microsystems and wanted to explain a little more about how the process works so that fans can better understand it.

The first step is to go to and use the costing tool. This is a very handy mouse katool that allows you to select a vacation date and quote the cost of all Disney DVC resorts (note: this does not mean these resorts are available). Once you’ve found a vacation spot that fits your price range, fill out the reservation form.

This form requires standard information (name, address, travel dates, etc.) and a request for the property you wish to reserve. It also provides a second, third and fourth option in case the first option features are not available. At this point you have a payment of $98. This is not a fee, but a way to secure your reservation in case your request is fulfilled immediately. Refunds will be made if the claim is not available.

If your request exists, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain your confirmation number, booking details and a link to make the payment. During this time, you will receive the balance subtracted from the $98 you paid in advance.

If your request is not available, please don’t worry. Other available centers are offered first. These options are not guaranteed, they only reflect current availability. If you choose not to proceed, you will receive a $98 refund. If you wish to continue, please select a different site from the list provided and check for available space.

It gets complicated.

For inquiries 7-11 months prior to the check-in date, David’s Vacation Club Diodes should use the details of the resort members (for example, if the query is for Bay Lake Tower, David’s is a DVC headquartered in BLT. find a member. We will sell the points on the day of booking. Disney where you need according to your requirements). If your application is submitted within 7 months, DVC can be used on any site that has vacancies. More information can be found in the reservation deadlines section of the website.

Some centers are more accessible than others. Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa has the largest number of DVC units on property. Some people, such as Polynesians, have a waiting list you can sign up for. It also depends on when you want to travel. During peak times (spring break, Christmas, etc.) you have fewer options. All these factors should be considered when choosing a facility.

If the points in your application are not immediately available, you can wait in line to see if the points are available. The selected facility will determine the waiting time. As noted above, the Polynesian list is in most cases longer than the Saratoga Springs list. You can change the facility you selected in the queue or cancel your request and get your money back. If you find a match, you will receive a congratulatory email.

Here are some “known” factors to consider:

Prices are cheaper than directly from Disney – no hidden costs

Your name appears on the booking and online check-in is possible

Enjoy all the Disney benefits – including bonus Magic Hour and Magical Express!

Simple process – they do all the work for you!

If you find a match, you must pay the full amount within 24 hours.

All sales are final – no cancellations or refunds

The whole process took less than a week and I couldn’t choose the first step, but I was able to book a room in Old Key West directly from Disney for a much lower price. Some requests are time consuming and others are time consuming. Now that you know all the facts, let’s make a reservation. If you want to Stay At Disney Resorts & Save 50% With David’s DVC Points for a great price, we highly recommend renting David’s Vacation Club. Tell them the Main Street Rat sent you! Merry Christmas!



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