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 A Detail Guide to Choosing the Right Towel for Your Home 

New towels seem like a straightforward buy. After all, all you have to do is choose a few large ones in a beautiful colour . But when you dive a little further into towels, you realise that there are a lot of different things to consider, from material and texture to thickness while picking the ideal towels. One of such criteria is size. You may reduce your choices by knowing the fundamental towel types and the typical measurements that go along with them.

Below is the list of Various Towels which you can buy for yourself.

Wash Cloth Towel 

The smallest member of the towel family is the washcloth. Although they occasionally come in slightly lower sizes, such 12 by 12, washcloths typically measure around 13 by 13 inches. Washcloths are ideal for washing your face because of their tiny size. To wash your full body, they also function in the shower.

The washcloth, while not technically a towel because you won’t dry off with one, is nonetheless an important component of the entire set of towels. It’s a good idea to have a few washcloths on hand for those occasions when you need them or have overnight visitors .

Finger Tip Towel 

The fingertip towel is the next towel in the lineup. This towel is rectangular rather than square, and it is bigger than a washcloth. The fingertip towel is just the hand towel scaled down. Typically, fingertip towels are 18 inches long and 11 inches broad.

A fingertip towel’s main function is typically ornamental. A fingertip towel can be used to highlight a countertop in the bathroom or a decorative towel display. In guest restrooms, fingertip towels are preferable over tiny hand towels. The somewhat smaller size makes them simple to hang, fold, or roll for exhibition, and is typically suitable for visitors’ sporadic use.

Hand Towel

The adaptable hand towel is frequently used in the restroom. Even little hand towels are kept by some individuals in kitchen areas for hand drying. These hand towels, which are a little bigger than fingertip towels, are mostly used to dry your hands. A hand towel can also be used to dry your face or to wipe away a tiny amount of water that has fallen on the bathroom vanity.

There are a few little differences in the hand towel sizes. Hand towels are on the smaller side, coming in at around 15 inches broad by 25 inches long. You may get hand towels that are bigger, measuring 18 inches broad by 30 inches long. In case if you are looking forward to buy hand towel set online in USA you can shop them from IndianLifestyle. They are known for their charming collection of hand towel.

Bath Towel 

 The bath towel is the next towel choice up the scale. After taking a shower or bath, use this standard-sized towel to dry your entire body. Due to its simplicity and lack of bulk, the bath towel is the most popular alternative for daily usage. Typically, the dimensions fall between 20 inches wide by 40 inches long and 30 inches wide by 58 inches long.

For children or petite adults, bath towels on the smaller end of the spectrum are ideal. If you have long or thick hair, a tiny towel can also be used specifically to dry your hair. Use a bigger bath towel or a washcloth to wrap the smaller towel over your hair.

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