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6 Must-Have Baby Toys for the Ist Year

The first few months in every baby’s life is the most crucial time and seems almost impossible. They discover the world and tries to get familiar with a lot of things in their surroundings. From a distance, it seems to be all about the best nappies, good baby toys, comfiest clothes, and a lot of sleep. But along with these, there are a lot more things that new parents have to take care of.

Are you a new mum looking for both fun and educational toys for your little one? If yes, then choosing them from a hundred other options is difficult. Your child goes through a lot of stages in their life right from a baby to adolescence. Their likes dislike, and their habit changes regularly. Choosing a toy completely depends on what age your child is in. During the first year, everything is very new to your baby. They just start to realize that they are out of their mother’s womb and have entered the world.

So, here we have listed 6 toys that are completely must-have for the first year of your baby and will help them in their growth and development.

Rattles and Teethers

At this age your baby starts teething therefore, rattles and teethers come in handy. They help your baby to relax. Make sure to choose the teethers that can be kept in the refrigerator to cool down. They come in different shapes and colors. Hence, a must-have toy for your newborn Amber Teething Necklace .

A Ball

In this age group baby just start to realize that their hands and legs are joined to their body therefore, they start kicking. A colorful cloth ball can be a great addition to their toy collection. It’s not only fun to play with balls whereas, but it also helps in developing their motor skills.

Soft Toys

These are the best toys a baby can have in their collection. They are made up of cotton and cloths which makes them easy to hold and are great to stack. They look adorable from a distance. Tough they are not living beings but still, when you hug them they release warmth and affection that helps to develop an emotional feeling in your baby.

Ring Stacker

Ring stacker can be a great choice for your six months old baby. It consists of colorful rings that have to be stacked on one another in decreasing order of sizes. It helps them in identifying different colors and differentiate between sizes. At this age, it becomes very important to improve their hand-eye coordination and this game perfectly does the job.

Mini Piano

Light and sound toys are best for this age group. Music helps them to relax and increases their memorizing power. A mini piano is an ideal toy for your child as it will develop a new hobby in them right from the beginning and will improve their hand and brain coordination.

Bath Toys

Usually, children love to play in the water. Splashing and pouring water on you can be one of the most favorite hobbies of them. The bath toys help you to add more colors and fun in their bathing time. They are generally made up of rubber and are very light to hold on to your baby. They make a squishy sound that attracts your baby to take bath.

These are some of the great toy ideas that can be a part of your baby’s toy collection to continuously entertain them. You can easily find all these at a baby online store that are easy on your pocket too.



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